Child and Juvenile Assessments

FirePsych clinicians are some of the most experienced firesetting assessment providers in the United States, having completed over 1000 comprehensive evaluations in the past decade.  Children and adolescents who become involved in problem firesetting behavior are a diagnostically diverse population who often present with a number of concerning emotional and behavioral symptoms. Research completed in the past 20 years has revealed lower recidivism rates for firesetting when children receive fire-specific appropriate and multi-disciplinary interventions.

Since its publication in 2010, the Firesetting Risk Assessment Tool-Youth (FRAT-Y), a structured decision making tool to guide and support assessment practice and findings, has been utilized by FirePsych diagnosticians to  determine the most appropriate intervention plan for each child. Drawing information from several critical domains, including 17 specific firesetting risk factors, a comprehensive firesetting behavior assessment is completed, providing intervention recommendations tailored to address the specific needs for each child and family.