• Arson fires cause over $1.75 billion in property loss per year in the United States.

  • Over 50% of all arrests for arson are juveniles. It is the only violent crime in which juveniles make up the majority of arrests.

  • Approximately 25-40% of all children admitted to a pediatric burn care unit are burned in a child-set fire.

  • Over 75% of middle school and high school fires occur during the school day. Most of these fires originate in a school lavatory.

  • Firesetting is a treatable behavior. With appropriate intervention, less than 10% of children repeat the behavior.

  • Nearly 40% of all pre-school deaths are due to child fire play.

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Welcome to Firepsych!

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Established in 1999, FirePsych, Inc. is a private psychology practice that specializes in the assessment, treatment, and study of irresponsible and dangerous firesetting behavior in children, adolescents, and adults. FirePsych is committed to working in partnership with other disciplines - fire service, law enforcement, child welfare, mental health, and burn care professionals - that have a vested interest in further understanding, intervening with, and eliminating problem firesetting. The practice actively conducts research, delivers skill-based trainings, and completes comprehensive firesetting behavior assessments.

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