Adult Firesetting Assessments

FirePsych clinicians utilize the most recent and well developed theory on adult firesetting to inform the completion of assessments for this complex population of adults.  The Multi-Trajectory Theory of Adult Firesetting (Gannon, Ciardha, Doley, and Aleyne, 2011) provides a comprehensive, multifactorial framework for practitioners  to guide the assessment of deliberate firesetting among adults.   Within the M-TTAF model, four prominent risk factors and sixteen clinical risk factors that deserve specific attention in the course of a comprehensive firesetting behavior assessment are identified.  FirePsych assessments address the needs of an adult population that often includes individuals with serious mental illness, significant cognitive limitations, criminal histories, and/or substance abuse problems while balancing the public safety needs of the community.  We work collaboratively with referring agencies and organizations to provide realistic, pragmatic, and effective strategies to mitigate risk for continued problems associated with firesetting.