Female Firesetting Assessments

While rates for conduct problems among young boys have declined or remained stable over the past decade, the rates for serious conduct problems among adolescent females have risen dramatically. Recent studies suggest that nearly 25% of all adolescents involved in problem firesetting are females and that this number is likely to continue to increase over the next decade. The overwhelming majority of the literature on juvenile firesetting, however, has been drawn from studies involving a predominantly male population. As a result, existing assessment and treatment practices may not appropriately address the needs of adolescent females involved in firesetting behavior.

For the past decade, FirePsych, Inc. has utilized a unique trauma- and relationship-sensitive protocol for completing assessment for hundreds of young girls in response to emerging information available regarding risk factors associated with female firesetting.  In addition, gender-specific treatment recommendations resulting from the growing body of evidence-based research are included in carefully constructed intervention plans.