firesetting-risk-assessment-tool-for-youthThe Firesetting Risk Assessment Tool for Youth (FRAT-Y) by Dr. Robert Stadolnik is described as a “third generation” risk assessment tool that is designed to bridge the gap between purely scientific and actuarial risk prediction measures and the earlier practice of making unstructured and therefore subjective, possibly unreliable, clinical judgments.

The FRAT-Y conforms to the best practice guidelines for clinical risk assessment, grounded in a “multiple methods, multiple measures, multiple domains” model, and provides the trained evaluator with a cohesive framework for firesetting assessment that is supported by the existing literature and research evidence.

The FRAT-Y is appropriate for use with children ages 5-17 and is completed by the mental health clinician after all necessary information has been gathered to allow for rating on each of the seventeen risk factors of the FRAT-Y. Clinician ratings are supported by specific criteria that have been established for each risk factor and described in more detail in the Professional Manual. Individual factor ratings are then transferred to the FRAT-Y Risk Profile Sheet which supports the clinician in estimating an overall risk determination as well as in assigning primary and secondary firesetting motivations from the thirteen motivation profiles described in the manual. A Firesetting Intervention Worksheet provides guidance in the identification of individual and/or family interventions and supports for each child.


The FRAT-Y and its accompanying manual provide the trained evaluator with:

  • 13 descriptive profiles to help clarify a youth’s motivation for firesetting
  • 17 research-based firesetting risk factors with specific rating criteria
  • improved clinical decision making regarding global firesetting risk
  • assistance in organizing and structuring a firesetting assessment
  • risk profile and intervention/treatment planning worksheets
FRAT-Y Introductory Kit
(FRAT-Y Professional Manual, 25 rating forms, 25 profile forms

FRAT-Y Professional Manual $50.00

FRAT-Y Rating and Profile Forms (one pkg/25 each) $50.00