• Robert Stadolnik, Ed.D., President of FirePsych

    Robert Stadolnik, Ed.D., President of FirePsych

    Dr. Stadolnik is a Licensed Psychologist and author of Drawn to the Flame: Assessment and Treatment of Juvenile Firesetting Behavior (Professional Resource Press, 2000) and the Firesetting Risk Assessment Tool-Youth (FirePsych, Inc., 2010).  Over the past fifteen years, he has completed or supervised over 2000 firesetting behavior assessments for children, adolescents, and adults.  Since 1993 Dr. Stadolnik has provided consultation to numerous juvenile fire safety programs, residential treatment centers, public school systems, and state child welfare and developmental disability agencies.  In 2005 Dr. Stadolnik began providing consultation to adult corrections departments, adult mental health,  and adult community service agencies.  He currently provides consultation services to Hopedale House, a Riverside Community Care program specifically designed to provide community-based placement for adults with histories of serious mental illness and firesetting.  Dr. Stadolnik also serves on the Advisory Board for the Australian Center for Arson Research and Treatment at Bond University and  provides trainings nationally on adult and child firesetting.

  • Kristin Batista, LMHC

    Kristin Batista, LMHC

    Kristin is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who joined the staff of FirePsych, Inc. in 1999. Ms. Batista has worked with children and adolescents involved in firesetting behavior since 1997 when she received her firesetting assessment and fire safety education training through the Westwood (MA) Child/Juvenile Firesetting Intervention Project. Since that time she has completed over three hundred firesetting behavior assessments, making her one of the most experienced evaluators in the country. Ms. Batista has also worked in school settings, with substance abuse populations, and is a skilled group intervention specialist. In addition to her assessment work, she has taught fire safety education classes and has been an active participant in firesetting behavior intervention efforts at the state level.

  • Theresa Manela, LICSW

    Theresa Manela, LICSW

    Theresa Manela, LICSW, is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, who joined FirePsych, Inc. as a firesetting behavior diagnostician in 2002. Her professional background includes extensive clinical and supervisory experience working with children and adolescents in residential treatment and foster care, in-home and community-based services, and public school settings. Additionally, Ms. Manela has led psychotherapy groups for younger children involved in firesetting behavior, parenting groups, and social skills groups. She has provided trainings and consultations on a number of topics related to children and trauma including a special focus on adolescent girls and firesetting.

  • Erin Harrison, LMHC

    Erin Harrison, LMHC joined FirePsych, Inc. in 2015.  Erin holds multiple professional licenses including Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed School Adjustment Counselor, and Licensed Guidance Counselor.  Her experience includes more than a decade working as a behavioral specialist for the Boston Public School's Crisis and Intervention Program and as a school adjustment counselor.  Erin also served as a clinician for the Boston FireSense Program, a collaborative fire safety program jointly operated though the Boston Public Schools and the Boston Fire Department.

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